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The Vineyard

                          JD Vineyard was planted in January 2007. Set on a single acre, it is                                          planted with 1,000 vines, split evenly between Malbec and                                                 Cabernet Franc. The vines face due west, so the grapes are                                                  able to soak up the afternoon sun, and ripen evenly over                                                     the course of the long Southern California growing                                                                 season. The vineyard has a natural gentle slope, which                                                                helps to moderate temperature extremes in                                                                              the summer and winter seasons. 


                                                                            The vineyard is a labor of love for Jeff                                                                                       and Denise Bowman. The vineyard is                                                                                          farmed and harvested 100% by hand.                                                                                       Through most of the year, the two                                                                                              spend their days tending  to the vines to maintain                                                        the pristine condition of the vineyard. In this                                                            case, "pristine" is no exaggeration. The condition of                                                            JD Vineyard is simply unparalleled in the industry.                                                                There is no vineyard in the State that is tended                                                                   with as much care and consistent attention to detail. 


Great wine can                                                              only come from great fruit, and for a vineyard to                                                                produce great fruit, it has to be managed impeccably.                                              For example, across the entire acre, there are absolutely no                                        weeds. This is because weeds can rob nutrients from the soil,                                     depriving the vines. To prevent this, the vineyard is combed                                                daily to find and remove any weeds that appear. And                                                       the vineyard's canopy management program is similarly rigorous. Untamed canopies expend needless energy, which the vines could be using to grow the most flavorful fruit. There is nothing but well manicured, hand-trimmed canopies in JD Vineyard. Every single row is hand-raked to ensure that any possible adverse conditions can be identified at a glance and promptly addressed. 

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